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Presentation Name Presenter Duration (min.) Age Group Keywords
Free Radicals in Chemistry and Life Naresh Dalal 35 min. Collegiates and Professionals Robert O. Lawton Professor, faculty award
Growth of Magnetic Materials from Lanthanide-rich Fluxes Susan Latturner 30 min. Collegiates and Professionals Magnetic materials, Lanthanides, Flux growth
NSF Grant, Alliance for the Advancement of Florida’s Academic Women in Chemistry and Engineering  Penny J. Gilmer   Collegiates and Professionals advance, status, academic, women,
Research in Rural Settings Penny J. Gilmer   Collegiates and Professionals research, rural teachers, science inquiry skills , vertical teams

Science Collaboration: Immersion, Inquiry, Innovation (links to hosted site

Penny J. Gilmer and Steven Blumsack Various Collegiates and Professionals Inquiry, Planet Earth, Research, Nature, FSU Course
Science in the 21st Century (links to new page) Harry Kroto Various Advanced High School to Collegiates Science, Art, Pioneers, DNA, Astronomy, Organic Chemistry, Buckyballs, Fullerenes, Light, FSU Course
How to Give a Good Presentation Harry Kroto 59 Collegiates and Professionals Presentation, PowerPoint, FSU, How-to





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