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Presentation Name Presenter Age Group Keywords
Dynamic Molecular Simulation Daniel Stribling Collegiates bio-physics, imb, modeling, simulations
Multiple Sclerosis Casey Colbourne 11-12, Collegiates MS, disease, treatments, sclerosis, auto-immune, nervous system, brain
Cigarette Addiction Emma Massaglia 11-12, Collegiates cigarettes, nicotine, additives, addiction, cancer
Phantom Limb Syndrome Heidi Lohr 11-12, Collegiates syndrome, Ramachandran, neuro-plasticity, brain, nervous system, sensory, motor control
History of Bicycles Jack Tomasetti General Audience bicycle, gear, Da Vinci, pedal power, hobby horse, velociopede, deraileur
Electricity & Magnetism Jean Pruitt 11-12, Collegiates electromagetic, field, theory, generation, Maxwell, magnets
Pharmacogenomics Justis Freeley 11-12, Collegiates drug, therapy, reaction, medicine, pharmacology, disease, treatment
Microwave Radiation Kyle Serniak 11-12, Collegiates microwave, chemistry, diaelectric heating, polar, molecules, metal
Aeronautical Engineering Lorne Hiller 11-12, Collegiates aeronautics, space, flight, gliders, propeller, jet, rocket, physics
Science of Love Maegan Gibson 11-12, Collegiates biology, bio-chemistry, symmetry, pheromones, actraction, atractive, genetics
Tissue Engineering Mariah Michael 11-12, Collegiates tissue, organ, body-parts, medicine, stem cell
Genetically Modified Organisms Melissa Giddings 11-12, Collegiates GMO, food, crops, grain, nutrition, security
"Zero-Energy" Homes Ryan Aughtry 11-12, Collegiates sustainability, energy, wind, solar, rain, utilities, co-generation, residence, houses
The Exploration of Mars Ryan Stevenson 11-12, Collegiates mars, red planet, exploration, space, NASA
Color Theory Sarah Ferguson 11-12, Collegiates color, chemistry, RGB, primary colors, light

Cape Gannets: A species needing Consideration

Sarah Merrell 11-12, Collegiates birds, prey, Great White Pelican, Malgas Island, conservation management.
Body Fuel for Long Distance Exertion Sarah Purcell 11-12, Collegiates nutrition, endurance, carbohydrates, Krebs cycle, dehydration, hyponatremia
Neutron Stars Steve Millian 11-12, Collegiates neutron, star, super nova, core collapse, dense
Molecular Fingerprinting and Symmetry Brian Gold Collegiates Group Theory, Fullerenes, Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Symmetry, Geometry, Undergraduate
Antibiotic Resistance Branden Anglin Collegiates Antibiotics, Medicine, Resistance, Superbugs, Undergraduate
Solar Power Brian Gold Collegiates Solar Power, Photovoltaics, Alternative Energy, Undergraduate
Quantum Computing Dmitry Shemetov Collegiates Quantum Computing, History of Computers, Quantum Physics, Qubit, Undergraduate
Batteries Mitchell Herring 11-12, Collegiates Batteries, Volta, Voltaic Pile, Lithium-ion, Undergraduate
Pluto Nowrin Alam 9-12, Collegiates Pluto, Planets, Dwarf Planets, Kuiper Belt, Undergraduate
Light Shalini Golla 11-12, Collegiates Light, Physics, Optics, Spectra, Undergraduate
Beetles Vincent LaBarbera 11-12, Collegiates Biology, Beetles, Microscopy, Undergraduate
Nuclear Power Kelly Schwirian 11-12, Collegiates Nuclear Power, Physics, Fuel Rods, Nuclear Waste, Undergraduate
Integration of Art and Science Virginia Beeson Collegiates Art, Science, Impressionism, Realism, Undergraduate
Women in the Bangladesh Garment Worker Industry Shaina Hyder Collegiates Bangladesh, Garments, Women, Society, Work, Trade, Undergraduate
Lightning Emily Dougherty 11-12, Collegiates Lightning, Charges, Physics, Undergraduate
Penicillin Lucas Paladino Collegiates Penicillin, Mold, Medicine, Antibiotics, Undergraduate
Biofuels Miles Bradshaw Collegiates Alternative Energy, Biofuels, Biodiesel, Oil, Bioreactors, Undergraduate
Aerosols and Global Climate Change Phillip Howard Collegiates Aerosols, Climate Change, Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases, Undergraduate
Octopi Sheeva Yazdani 11-12, Collegiates Biology, Octopus, Undergraduate
Biology of Depression Stephen Smith Collegiates Depression, Biology, Neurology, Medicine, Undergraduate
Science and Human Rights Taylor Lee Collegiates Human Rights, Scientists, Ethics, Undergraduate
Green Living Victoria Palmeri Collegiates Green, Environment, Recycling, Undergraduate
Inbreeding in Animals Jennifer Goldsby Collegiates Animals, Wolves, Dogs, Puppy Mills, Inbreeding, Genetic Defects, Birth Defects, Undergraduate
Nigeria Thomas Rush   Nigeria, Undergraduate
Using Algae to Solve the Energy Problem Jon Meyer 11-12, Collegiates Algae, Alternative Fuel, Biodiesel, Energy, Undergraduate
Wakulla Springs Treatment Plan Lionel Skinner 11-12, Collegiates Wakulla, Springs, Hydrilla, Treatment, Environment, Invasive Species, Undergraduate





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