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Presentation Name Presenter Keywords
    High Precision Atomic Mass Measurements
Brianna Mount physics, atomic, mass, measurement, double beta decay, nuclear
    Development of Carbon Nanotube Based Materials
Darryl Ventura Carbon, Nanotube, CNT, Nanotechnology, Fullerenes, Materials, Applications, Chirality
    Quantum Phase Transitions in Spin 1 Compounds
Narpinder Kaur Quantum, Spin 1, Chromium, Absolute Zero, Magnets, High Magnetic Fields, NHMFL, Graduate
    Sudden Cardiac Death Studied in a Petri Dish
Zulma Jiminez Biochemistry, Medicine, Cardiac Death, In Vitro, Graduate
    Complex Mixture Analysis by FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry
Amy McKenna FT-ICR, Ion Cyclotron, Mass Spectrometry, MS, Analysis, Graduate
    Building Bridges with Organic Chemistry
Kerry Gilmore Organic Chemistry, Best of GEOSET, Graduate
    Growing New Materials and Exploring Their Properties and Applications
Mekhala Pati Materials, Analysis, Graduate
    Methodology for Organic Synthesis
Susana Lopez Methods, Organic Chemistry, Synthesis, Graduate
    Multi-Catalyst Systems
Suzanne Opalka Catalysts, Graduate
    Motion at Interfaces
Prajna Dhar Interfaces, Motion, Graduate
    Nuclear Structure Studies
Calem Hoffman Structure, Nuclear, Graduate
    High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
Aaron Aguilar Gamma Rays, Spectroscopy, Graduate
    Direct Cluster Transfer Reactions
Amy Crisp Reactions, Graduate
    Liquid Crystals
Jennifer Kirchhoff Liquid Crystals, LCDs, Graduate
    Energy Challenges: Power with Hydrogen
Jeff Whalen Hydrogen, Alternative Energy, Graduate

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