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Teaching Modules
Presentation Name Presenter Duration (min.) Age Group Keywords
Secret Science - Invisible Ink Steve Acquah 10 K-8 Invisible Ink, Colors, Secret Science, Demonstrations, Hands-On, Labs
Secret Science - Chromatography Steve Acquah 12 K-8 Chromatography, Separations, Secret Science, Demonstrations, Hands-On, Labs
What are we made of? Harry Kroto 5 K-5 Origins, Stars, Star Stuff
Where do you come from? Harry Kroto 2 K-5 Origins
Numbers Harry Kroto 3 K-5 Numbers, Maths
Algebra Harry Kroto 6 K-5 Algebra, Maths
Maps Harry Kroto 3 K-5 Maps, Orange, Mercator
Discovery and Creativity Harry Kroto 16   Discovery, Creativity
Isaac Newton and Gravitation Colin Byfleet 18   Newton, Gravity, Acceleration
The Discovery of the Buckyball Harry Kroto 10   Buckyballs, Radioastronomy, Fullerenes, C60
Penicillin - The Life Saver Colin Byfleet interviews Prof. Russ Johnsen 8   Penicillin, Antibiotics, Fungi, Mold, Medicine
Estimation - Educated Guesswork? Colin Byfleet 13   Estimation, Maths
Crater Formation Colin Byfleet 11  

Physics, Craters, Sand

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